Senior Plans

Kassie Wallace: Will be working for IBM as a client relationship representative out of New York City.

Jolene Cook: Will be returning to the University of Michigan Evans Scholarship House as the resident advisor in the fall of 2017. She will be finishing up her last year of nursing school during the 2017-18 school year, and following graduation plans take the NCLEX to become a registered nurse.

Logan Pratt: Plans on pursuing a career in human resources or sports.

Yianni Kontorousis: Will be working for Gartner Technologies in Ft Myers, Florida.

Kenneth O'Hanlon: Will be working as an engineer in Jackson, Michigan.

Daniel Bunge: Plans on continuing his education.

Matthew Dunaj: Will be moving to Minneapolis in July to begin his career at Target as a software engineer in the Technology Leadership Program.

Jonathan Martindale: Will be starting work as a lab manager with the Emotion and Self-Control Psychology Research Lab at U of M, where he will oversee various projects, help develop experiments, and help write manuscripts for articles. He plans on working there for the next two years before applying to Ph.D. programs for psychology. He is also getting married in July!

Nick Michetti: Starting in August, will be working for Microsoft as a product marketing manager out of Seattle.

Alex Arnold: Will be working for Capital One in Chicago as a software engineer.

Forrest Lundgren: Plans on pursuing a career in environmentalism.

Thomas Marcus: Will be moving to New York City to work at an accounting firm.

Danny Mak: Will work for Oracle in Boston on increasing investment portfolios for cryptocurriences.

Andi Bello: Starting in August, he will begin working for IBM in Chicago in a consultant role. Later down the road, he hope to continue his studies and obtain an MBA. 

Brad Sanford: Plans on continuing his education.

Jonas Sese: Was awarded the 2016 Beinecke Scholarship to support his pursuit of a Ph.D. in classics after graduation.